Interdisciplinary Discourse

It is highly to be welcomed that in the course of viennAvant’s activities a space is being created for a rare, invaluable interdisciplinary discourse, for discussions on conceptual issues and on aspects of theory formation and methodology, for the exchange of references and the development of friendships.




A questionnaire focused on concepts, motives and paradigms of the post-war avant-gardes and on issues of methodology and assessment has been developed for internal use. The results will be announced at a jour fixe of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

In talks held at different archives the members of ViennAvant gained insights in the structure and the special characteristics of each of the archives.

More about archive talks in German

The online bibliography on publications relevant to post-war avant-gardes in Austria, to the international network they were part of and to the discussion on the concept of avant-garde in general also serves to broaden and deepen the project.

Content-related guiding questions are being defined on whose basis we can proceed to establish a European network of research on avant-gardes.

See guiding questions in German